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I have thoroughly read and understand this multifaceted program and hereby apply for acceptance into:
  • Teacher Training - 600 Hours - all 3 levels - $2,400
  • Teacher Training - 200 Hours only - $1,400
  • Teacher Training - 600 Hours - Level 1 only - $800
  • Teacher Training - Level 2 Only - must have previously completed the 200 hour or Level 1 program - $800
  • Teacher Training - Level 3 Only - student must have previously completed the Level 2 program - $800

  • Continuing Studies - Level 1 - $800
  • Continuing Studies - Level 2 - $800
  • Continuing Studies - Level 3 - $800
  • Continuing Studies All Levels (1, 2, and 3) - $2400
  • These prices are subject to change on an annual basis.
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